Ann's Smart Diet

Ann's Smart Diet - 5 Day Cookery Week

Lose upto a stone in 2 weeks and restart your life!

5 day intensive cookery week, Mon-Fri 2 hours per day.

A lifestyle diet; quick, tasty, really easy and the weight stays off!


Yep it really works and its not a fad diet where you pile it back on.

This is a 2 hour a day, 5 day course to teach you how to cook quick and incredibly tasty food and lose upto 1 stone over 14 days. Lots of taster dishes

Reboot your metabolism and feel healthy, sleep well and focus again

Great recipes tried and tested, can easily adapted for the family to be just healthy but enjoy their food.

14 day menu planner that Ann will show you how to cook and to continue with just everyday cooking with basic ingredients you will love.

Personal 14 day e mail support and progress service


Starts daily 11am-1pm from 3rd-7th September at our Essex school.


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